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You have the documentation of gems posted on 28 Dec 2010 13:41

Start the gem documentation server (read more…)

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Switching gem libraries using update-alternatives posted on 15 Dec 2010 13:13

Maintaining more than one rails and gems library at your development machine using update-alternatives is possible. But note that it's better done with RVM nowadays… You can still ready this article to learn more about update-alternatives. UPDATE: Using Hobo Edge On Rails 3 describes installing gems for both Rails 2 and Rails 3 in addition to installing Hobo on Rails3 using rvm. It also solves the problem here better. Go and do it: exit(0). (read more…)

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You can debug Rails posted on 15 Dec 2010 02:03

Insert (read more…)

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Finding the guilty posted on 14 Dec 2010 15:21

This is a story about debugging deeply into Rails using method hooks and dumping the stack. Suddenly I've found out that rake tasks were not using correct pluralizations. Out of curiosity added those lines to config/initialize/inflections.rb (read more…)

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Hobo Page Structure posted on 10 Dec 2010 13:07

Hobo Page Structure. Quick reference to customize DRYML pages. Handy to include as comments in DRML pages. (read more…)

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Full Stack Testing a HOBO Application posted on 03 Dec 2010 18:10

All testing strategies and dsl covered in one simple Hobo application. Hands on introduction the unit, functional and acceptance tests follow here. If you are only insterested in testing bits then jump directly to that section. (read more…)

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FactoryGirl in Development Environment posted on 03 Dec 2010 01:15

You can use FactoryGirl to populate the databse during development. You need Factories for test. But I don't see any reason that you cannot use them in development environment also. (read more…)

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Hobo Security Hole posted on 02 Dec 2010 22:46

This problem is fixed in 1.0-stable and 1.3 (read more…)

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Deleting all records in rails posted on 23 Nov 2010 17:01

If you need to run your tests without transactional fixtures then you can ensure all records are deleted after the test. (read more…)

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Steak Capybara on Rails 2.3 posted on 22 Nov 2010 17:31

Using Capybara with Steak is a very easy way acceptance testing on Rails. However, to run this nice test framework for your Rais 2.3.x applications you need to install rspec, steak and capybara as below. Rails 2.3.x uses rspec 1.3.x. (read more…)

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