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Posted on 30 Apr 2009 03:14

As this is a new blog, I've just been googling about blogging:

I am just bored of teaching joining my projects long complicated things. So I am trying to make some contributions to ease that. Starting and doing a RAD project will be possible for many things in minutes. Deployment and administration of servers will be peanuts. This is my dream. Oh, other people are following that dream, too. If they come up with good solutions then it's a joy to use them. This is open source. The best survives.

Well, I tested many ideas in real software production. So there remains to solve the conflict between writing about them and the desire of implementing new software.

To make my ideas explicit, I need a lot of time and patience to write the tutorials. I need many people to try out and comment. And all this is conflicting with my desire to just sit down and implement. However, one-man unknown software in the end rots. Dies being unknown. So I set out to write this blog, examples and tutorials. While trying to implement as much as possible. I hope this weekend, I'll be able to complete my first tutorial on RAD and Ruby on Rails.

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