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Posted on 03 Jun 2009 12:08


Programming really made me smoke more. Debugging was smoking. Conceiving new ideas was smoking. Creativity was smoking. And getting double caffeine… One more coffee…

In 80's, we were defined as the beasts taking our double caffeine to keep programming until the morning. I clearly remember the Jolt logo and the words "Double Caffeine" on the cover of Dr Dobb's Magazine in 80's. But never mind. I like Jolt Awards.

Anyway double caffeine was our life…

After programming for decades, I decided to become more healthy to keep programming many more decades. Alas because computers remind me smoking, I am delaying my articles a bit. Using Nicotinell chewing gums, I am having an experience similar to the experience of Christina. If it all goes well then I might even proceed to the top 5 ways to double your energy without caffeine. We'll see…


PS. Somebody tells me: "To keep up your spirit, let me remind you to some of the benefits a smokeless life will bring: health improvement, saving lots of money, easy excess cute smoke-free girls, no worries about that 'last one' in the package, the happiness to your parents, no fights with the future wife being pregnant (and annoyed about nearly everything, especially you smoking), 50% less chance on cancer, less littering, less paint jobs, smelling better, or smelling better (which might not be such a benefit to you).."

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