Multiple conflicting GEM libraries; Ghost Ruby on Rails

Blog ยป Multiple conflicting GEM libraries; Ghost Ruby on Rails

Posted on 03 Jun 2009 20:14

UPDATE: Using Hobo Edge On Rails 3 describes installing gems for both Rails 2 and Rails 3 in addition to installing Hobo on Rails3 using rvm. It also solves the problem here better. Go and do it: exit(0).

Make sure that /usr/lib/ruby/gems and /var/lib/gems are actually the same directory if you haven't done that before. If you have both of directories on your machine then things have gone wrong about your Ruby on Rails Installation.

sudo cp -a /var/lib/gems/* /usr/lib/ruby/gems/
sudo rm -R /var/lib/gems/*
sudo ln -nfs /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8 /var/lib/gems/

I have seen this problem appearing on Ubuntu when both apt-get and downloaded tar used to install rubygems. So the machine end up with 2 conflicting rubygems installations.

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