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Posted on 17 Aug 2010 22:43

  • We use Hobo, Webrat. You must have already used those seriously.
  • You can design DRYML tags
  • You can write integration tests
  • Your primary system at home is Ubuntu/Kubuntu. You are not booting with Windows.
  • You are not new to web business. You've worked on actual published web sites.
  • You have a serious contribution in GitHub or you are publishing a plugin.
  • It's a point if you have a rails blog.
  • CSS layout knowledge is required. You can't leave the job around saying the web designer was out of time for changes.
  • It's a bonus if you are into visual design and image editing - Photoshop or GIMP.
  • It's a big bonus if you are working with a 2-3 monitor system :) . Or you want to get lost surrounded by more monitors.
  • Javascript and DHTML does not scare you. And you are able to deliver unit tested javascript.

I am hiring local Ruby on Rails developers to work on real time GIS and WEB projects. Our office is in Culemborg, Netherlands. However, I favor working from home for you and me as well.

If you are living in the Netherlands then this position might lead to a permanent contract with a car and your yearly new computer if you prove yourself working with us.

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