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Posted on 26 Apr 2009 15:45

Ruby is a very powerful language. Much more powerful and readable than bash, of course. Things that seem impossible become trivial with Ruby.

However, with pure Ruby, you don't have the ease of the shell. You can't just write cd, pwd, cat etc, etc. Are you sure? With a simple .irbrc file on your home directory you can! Improve your IRB or script/console now.

You will be able to write:

cd '/home/me'
cat '.irbrc'

Let's see an advanced example. I enjoy the ease of processing multiple directories while developing Rails:

Dir[**/plugins/*].each do |plugin_dir| inside_dir(plugin_dir) { `git status`} end

I am keeping .irbic up-to-date at GitHub. My .irbrc is as follows:

# IRB improvements: Command history, coloring, more shell like commands cd, pwd, dir, cat
# Use powerful shell commands
# dir
# dir '**/*.rb'
# cd 'app'
# pwd
# cat 'config/environment.rb'
# dir('vendor/plugins/*').each do |d| inside_dir(d) {`git pull`} end
# Developed by umur dot ozkul at gmail dot com
require 'pp'
require 'irb/completion'
require 'rubygems'
require 'wirble'
require 'utility_belt'
require 'active_support'
require 'fileutils'
alias q exit
# See
class Object
  def cd d, options={}; d, options; end
  def pwd;      FileUtils.pwd; end
  def dir d='*';  Dir[d]; end
  def cat file;    puts `cat #{file}`; end
  def ln_s old, new, options={};  FileUtils.ln_s old, new, options; end
  def mv file, new_file, options={}; file, new_file, options; end
  def rm list, options={};          FileUtils.rm list, options; end
  def mkdir dirname, options={};    FileUtils.mkdir dirname, options; end
  def touch list, options={};    FileUtils.touch list, options; end
  def inside_dir d, &block
  b = pwd
   cd d
   cd b

Here also other utilities are included: history, display coloring, message completion…

As you are now nicely equipped with Wirble an Utilitybelt, it's time to read more about them

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