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Posted on 22 Nov 2010 10:27

Quick steps to make a hobo application. Let's have a database of organizations with a name.

Important Note! Hobo for Rails 3 is still Beta. Therefore in production, I am still using Rails 2…. When Hobo for Rails 3 is out of Beta it will be a heaven. Counting down. Soon… Thus this article and related pages are written on Rails 2.

Goto your console and:

hobo organizations
cd organizations
script/generate hobo_model_resource Organization name:string

Now edit app/models/organization.rb and enhance the name field definition:

  fields do
    name :string, :required, :unique, :null=>false, :index=>true

And continue on the console:

script/generate hobo_migration
rake db:migrate

Try your application at http://localhost:3000


If you don't have Rails and/or Hobo then….
Do Ruby on the Rails Installation. Then install hobo:

sudo gems install hobo

Hobo Fields API

name :string, :required, :unique

:required and :unique are parameters of Hobo Fields API. They add validations to the field. Note that they only add validations. They do not modify the database.

Hobo Migrations

name :string, :required, :unique, :null=>false, :index=>true

:null=>false and :index=>true are process by Hobo Migration Generator. They modify the database schema! Now :name field has a unique index as well and it cannot be :null.

Migration parameters must follow field API parameters! The code below will not work!

name :string, :required, :null=>false, :unique , :index=>true
#Wrong hobo code

Multi field indexes

An example of declaring indexes over multiple fields:

fields do ... end
index [:first_name, :last_name], :unique=>true

In addition to the ability to specify an index per field, you can add indexes over multiple fields to ensure uniqueness.


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