Automate the total creation of a multi-machine web application site.

Deploying a rails project again is easy. But when starting from zero there are a lot of things to do. Before you are able to 'cap' your project. Configuring the virtual machine hosts. Installing virtual machines for web, app, db. Configuring, configuring. Administering users…

USeed is about recursion. You start seeding on your machine. It initiates the setup of virtualisation hosts, then they setup vms. VMs pull necessary applications, configs and sources. And the network gets up. Of course you can skip vm creation if you are using hired machines.

I would be able to use puppet if it were about maintaining already existing machines. But now at level zero you have to install all those systems, install puppet on each machine, do users and rights administration, etc. etc.

But priming the system for a high performance rails web service is the same every time. Ok, your recipe might be different… But it's something to repeat…

Deployment is easy but making a place that you can deploy is difficult. This project combines the solutions for deployment and configuration.

And it's about all scales. You could be installing a web application on your own laptop. Or you could be deploying it to a whole cluster of machines.

USeed does not have to be about Rails projects. It's an extension of puppet. But I'll test it about building large scale rails based web sites.

So It's time to seed the whole network of machines in one go.

Project state: alpha. Means not usable at all.


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